A New Modern Memory Quilt Design: Colors of My Heart

I think one of the reasons why so many of us love quilting, is that we get to play with color.  It’s always fascinating to see how colors work together.  And it’s challenging to figure out how to move from one color scheme to another.  As you can see, this new modern memory quilt design, Colors of My Heart is about working with color. It’s a color-blocking quilt, with a twist, as it includes photo-designs. Here’s the finished top – so much happiness in this quilt top!!!


Throughout the heart quilt, I’ve included photo designs of different color. It was this photo design of my Eleanor that initially inspired me to create this quilt design –

Here you can see how this block works into the quilt design –

I included a few selfie photo design blocks, like this one, of me with my Boston Terrier Mr. Bing; notice the “love thy selfie” fabric next to it? I originally hoped to use this fabric design for the back of the Selfie Quilt, but wasn’t too happy with it. I ordered 8 inch swatches from Spoonflower, so had a few of these to use.

I am working on the tutorial for this quilt, which will include the Apps and photo tweaks needed to get different colored photo designs. As I’ve done in the past with other modern memory quilts, I convert the photo to an artistic design on my smart phone or iPad using an App, and then upload those various photo designs to Spoonflower for printing.  {You can read about that process here.}

This quilt top is with free motion quilter Ellen Ault  for quilting so very excited to see how it turns out. {FYI – she’s a free motion quilting queen, and just got a blue ribbon on one of her quilts at World Florida Quilt show, which you can read about here, and it’s also in the Puducah Quilt Show!!}  For the back, I am using this Diving Board fabric from designer Allison Glass, not just because I love this fabric {you can see I’ve used it throughout the quilt top} but also because it comes in 108″.  Finally a decent modern fabric design in 108″ for quilt backing.

Thanks for reading and I hope to have the tutorial and finished quilt posted soon!!