Wonky Star Happiness

A few months back I have ventured into wonky star land. It began with a wonky star swap on Instagram.  I’m now in the midst of my second wonky star swap, and am a total wonky star geek.

I had been wanting to learn how to make a wonky star for awhile  – mainly because I had been thinking that a photo design would totally “shine” in a wonky star block.  And it does!!!  Take a look:

Yep, wonky star blocks are perfect for photo designs, as they’re quirky to begin with and totally embrace the photo design vibe.

Here’s the original photo before I used an App to convert it to a photo design.

It was one of those photos you take of yourself when you’re trying on clothes, and need to text to a friend (or in my case my daughters) to get their opinion.  You know how that goes – you take a bunch of them, and then months later stumble upon them on your iPhone.   I kinda liked the way I looked, and like most women, I HARDLY ever like how I look in photos, so I kept them. And then I got App crazy with them one day at work, and well you know the rest. They got uploaded to Spoonflower and printed on fabric.

I used the Colorburn App, the poster setting and then also added the skyline with the frame setting in the Colorburn App. I did a couple of these and printed them in a grid/collage using Spoonflower, like I always do. {You can read more about how I do that here.}

Here’s one of Mr. Bing, our oh so loved Boston Terrier.

He was holding a chew toy in his mouth, and totally looked like an old man smoking a cigar so way too many photos were taken.

I’m hoping this post will inspire you to venture into wonky star land if you’re a newbie quilter. Below are a few good tutorials, and links to some Pinterests boards. And by gosh, if you include a photo design in your wonky star please tag me on Instagram @mattyjhb. I’d love to see it!!

Wonky Star Tutorials:

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