Creating Photo-Designs with a Pencil Sketch App

One of the easiest Apps to use when you want to  create a Photo-Design, is the Pencil Sketch App.  With one simple click it converts your photo to an amazing pencil sketch Photo-Design. (Wondering what a Photo-Design is? Read more here in this post.) I used it in the Sketches Four Patch Quilt (you can find that tutorial here),  and I can tell you that most of the time, this App will produce a decent pencil sketch from your photo, like the one I did below.

Given that it produces a black and white design, it’s pretty easy to incorporate into a quilt design, as it plays well with a lot of fabric designs. For example, look how great it works with this Halloween photo,  that has been converted to a pencil sketch Photo-Design and then paired with Halloween fabrics, like the Halloween collection here from Carina Garner:

Or these modern fabrics from Sweetwater, like Authentic, Etc.:

But this one, this is one I just love, these fun kitty fabrics from Riley Blake by My Minds Eye….just look at how well they pair with this pencil sketch Photo-Design of my daughter’s cat Kermit – tooooo fun!!


Using your photos converted to a pencil sketch or other artistic design in your quilts, allows you to personalize your quilts in such a unique way. With the array of photos Apps available, and the ease of printing your own fabric, the possibilities are endless. It brings a whole new dimension of creativity to quilting.