Modern Christmas Tree Quilt

I started this modern Christmas tree quilt in July as part of a quilt along on Instagram. Getting it done in July was a total failure but IT IS  gonna get done in time for Christmas. The last block has been done and now I’m sewing the blocks together.

I love this pattern. It’s so easy and you can find it on Diary of a Quilter’s blog here  –  Modern Christmas Tree Quilt.  Diary of a Quilter is one of the quilt blogs I follow and if you’re a newbie quilter like I am, it’s a great place to get inspired and she also has helpful tutorials.

Back to Modern Christmas Tree Quilt – I ended up making 42 blocks which is less than what I had planned on; but getting it done is more important than a larger sized quilt. I’m going with flannel for the back because a Christmas Quilt can surely be made with flannel.  If you’re looking for a simple Christmas quilt pattern – this is it!!   P.S. If this post looks a little wonky it’s because I did it on my iPhone 🤓🤓