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August 25, 2013
By mattyjhb in

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Browse our work.  Ordering and pricing information is available by contacting us. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, but like what we do,  then contact us about a custom work.[/mt_two_third]


  • Bridal Dress Collage

  • 18 Years at a Glance

    Did you just send a kiddo off to college and are feeling a little teary-eyed? If so, welcome to the club. Sending my oldest off to college, was the inspiration for this design. This collage is designed for 19 photos - a newborn photo and then a photo from every year through 18 years.

    Keep in mind when choosing photos for this collage that it focuses on the graduate's face, so landscape/distant photos will not work. AND, be prepared to shed a few tears when you gather up photos for this design. I can tell you though, it's well worth it.
  • Dog Moments

    Dog Moments - featuring your favorite photo of your four legged pal. It is printed on a 3/4 Inch Bamboo Block that is ready to hang. We use a technique in Photoshop to postarize the photo, giving it a painted/postarized look or you can opt for the regular photo look.

    If your photo is horizontall/landscape then the "Dog Moments" word art is on the bottom. If your photo is vertical/portrait then the "Dog Moments' word art is on the right.
  • Heart Collage

    Looking for a unique photo collage to display a collection of photos? Or maybe a photo collage to display at a 60th Birthday, an Anniversary or Wedding? This is the answer - you can't go wrong with this gorgeous heart photo collage with customized text.

    This heart photo collage is designed for 35-37 photos - the photos can be all black and white (we will convert your color photos to BW at no additional charge) or color. There is space at the bottom for customized text.

    FYI - I used photos of my two daughters for this sample, and I just LOVE the way it looks. It hangs over my coffee bar and every morning I enjoy looking at these photos of my girls when they were little.
  • ABC Photobook

    The ABC Photobook - a fabulous Photobook, especially for that special kiddo in your life. The ABC design concept allows you to take random photos and create a unique story book.

    Using your photos and your "ABC" text ("G is for gorgeous smile"), we create a 28 page hardcover, photobook using our ABC Photobook Design. You can choose between two color schemes.

    Need help with the ABC text? No worries - just message us and we'll email you a list of words - A through Z!!!


[mt_lineheader size=”3″] Grunge ABC Photobook [/mt_lineheader]


Grunge ABC Photobook

read more here
The Grunge ABC Photobook; available as an 8x8 or 5x5 Premium Layflat Photobook, with one photo per page, & with the text overlayed on the photo.  You can use color photos or for no extra charge we'll convert your color photos to black and white.

Pricing and Ordering

To view the Etsy Listing for this Photobook, Click on the Photo.



[mt_lineheader size=”3″] Dog ABC Photobook [/mt_lineheader]


Dog ABC Photobook

I had so much fun creating this Photobook design, and love, love, love the final product!!! This is the sample Front Cover of the "Dog ABC Photobook." This Photobook is a great way to showcase all those random photos of that puppy-dog you love so much. Using the "ABC" story concept ("A is for Always by my side,") a fabulous Photobook is created. The images to the right are sample inside pages.
These are two side by side, inside pages from the Dog ABC Photobook. That's our French Bulldog Theodore on the left, and Mr. Bing, our Boston Terrier. Of course, your Dog ABC Photobook is going to have photos of your adorable four legged pals.


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