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August 11, 2012
By mburkhead in

[mt_lineheader size=”2″] Your Questions Answered Here [/mt_lineheader]


[mt_three_fourth] [mt_toggle title=”What is a Photobook?”] A Photobook is a book, that we create using photos and text you have provided to us. It is printed, and bound, as a book is.  Photobooks are often referred to as “Coffee Table” books.[/mt_toggle]

[mt_toggle title=”What is included in the cost of a Photobook?”](1) One Photobook, professionally printed and bound; (2) Digital creation of your Photobook in Photoshop, which includes setup and Layout of the Front/Back Cover, Spine and the Inside Pages; (3) Minor photo adjustments (cropping, redeye and photo enhancements); and (4) An electronic file, provided to you, containing  your edited photos in JPEG format.  [/mt_toggle]

[mt_toggle title=”How does the ordering process work for a Photobook, Wall Art or Collage?”](1) Purchase a listing on our Etsy Shop.  (2) You can email us your photos & text in a zipped file, or we can use a large file transfer service, such as Dropbox. (3) Upon receipt of your  payment, photos & text we will begin work on your product; within 5 business days you will receive an email link to review/approve your product. (5) Review your product – minor changes are allowed. If there is an excessive amount of changes, there is an extra charge, but we discuss this extra charge with you before we make the additional changes. (6) After your review/approval the electronic file of the product is uploaded by us to the printer. (7) You will receive your product from the printer & we will email you the electronic file.[/mt_toggle]

[mt_toggle title=”How long does it take?”]From the time your order is processed, it usually takes around 10 business days for a Photobook to be constructed by us, reviewed/approved by you and then printed by our printer.  Design time for non-Photobooks tends to be shorter. Keep in mind, this time could be longer, dependent upon how long it takes you to review/ approve the product. Shipping time is dependent upon the product and is specified in the product listing. [/mt_toggle]

[mt_toggle title=”What about the photos?”]We can only use photos that are high resolution JPEGs (300 dpi). If your photos are at 72 dpi, we can use them, but there is a small extra charge to convert them to 300 dpi. [/mt_toggle]

[mt_toggle title=”Will you scan my photos?”]Sorry, no we don’t. But you can easily use a scanning service such as ScanCafe of ScanDigital.[/mt_toggle]

[mt_toggle title=”Can’t I create my own Photobook for a much cheaper cost?”]Yep, you sure can. But we find there are many obstacles that keep folks from doing this. First, creating a Photobook is very time consuming. Secondly, many folks are limited in their computer skills, and even if they use an online service, the process can be confusing. And just knowing which online service to use can be overwhelming. Third, the templates and designs offered by the online services often lack professional design quality.[/mt_toggle]

[mt_toggle title=”Can I order multiple copies of a product?”]Of course! This is the best part about using our services to create a product, such as a Photobook, or Wall Art, as it is done digitally, so you can order any number of copies.  And an additional copy is usually about 1/3 the cost of the initial product costs.  These costs are detailed on the listing.  [/mt_toggle]

[mt_toggle title=”What about a Custom Photobook Design or a Custom Photo Product?”] Yes, we do this too.  If you don’t see a Photobook Design or other Photo Product that works for you, we can always work with you to create a different design. Just email us and tell us what you have in mind. [/mt_toggle]

[mt_toggle title=”What about the electronic file that’s included with the cost?”] In addition to the printed product, the electronic file is included in the cost and provided to you at completion. The electronic file contains your edited photos in JPEG format. You may want to use these photos for another project, and most likely our edits will have enhanced the photo in some way. [/mt_toggle]



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